MTP Mode Not Working When Phone is Connected to PC Solution

Sometimes when  You Connect  Your phone to your Computer in MTP mode nothing appears

Sometimes too it comes and disappear thus, not stable and be  making some noise

Also Sometimes it takes lot of time for the drivers to install so you just take it out and put it back in to realise driver installation failure so you try to update the driver online and you get this weird pop-up

A service installation section in this INF is invalid

Don’t worry at all just go to the drive where your windows installation is e.g. if it’s drive C open your Local Disk C and Open Windows folder then open the INF folder. Thus, navigate to C:\Windows\INF.

and locate the following file ‘wpdmtp‘ or ‘wpdmtp.inf‘ if you enable extension.

Right click on ‘wpdmtp.inf‘ and  click install

That’s  all Your PC  will now recognize your device in MTP mode for file transfer any time you connect your phone


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