Mediatek(MTK) Phone (Infinix, Tecno, clone Samsung, etc)

Download Super MTK Engineering App

Download imei analyzer or bulk imei generator

Phresh or Virgin IMEI from devices on promotion list like MTN 4G Modems, Huawei phones, Alcatel pixi 3 etc (eg. MTN 1gb 866457023854321, MTN 400mb+150mins && Vodafone 510mb 869493021472524)


Install Super MTK engineering apk on Your MTK device

Open and Click MTK SETTINGS

If a Warning cannot find EngineerMode App Appears or You can’t find MTK SETTINGS, Then You Need to ROOT Your Phone

You Can Also Check the Easy Way to Tweak on a Rooted Device

Navigate to the👉 right  side by scrolling the interface of the App to the left side.👈

Select Cd’s information

Then select Radio information

You will get to an interface with a description labelled

Phone 1 that’s Sim 1

Phone 2 that’s Sim 2

You can select any of them as You wish BUT selecting Phone 1 means the AT+EGMR=1,7,”” is Sim 1 and selecting Phone 2 means AT+EGMR=1,7,”” is Sim 2

 After selecting any of them, you will get to an interface which gives You full description of the selected phone. Thus, where u will see AT+ written at the TOP

Tap there and your keyboard will pop up and Type the letter E

 After typing the letter E, an interface with descriptions




Will pop up automatically

Select according to the phone you choose e.g. If phone 1 was chosen

AT+EGMR=1,7, “” is SIM 1

AT+EGMR=1,10, “” is SIM 2

AT+EGMR=1,11, “” is SIM 3

Don’t use them interchangeably

 After selecting your choice something like




Will appear and you will now need to insert your imei and click the  SEND AT COMMAND.

Delete one of the inverted commas and put your imei there and bring back the inverted commas after inserting the imei code

This is how it should be 👉 AT+EGMR=1,7″###############” 👈

Bring a space between AT+ and the EGMR and click the SEND AT COMMAND

👉 AT+  EGMR=1,7″###############” 👈

Some Phones gives error like AT Command not found in user build if you don’t leave a Space between the AT+ and EGMR

 Toggle Your Airplane Mode On and Off for the imei change to take place

Dial *#06# to verify imei change before you proceed to request for the bundle

If the imei did not change try again and toggle airplane mode on and off until the imei changes

Check the Pictures Below to help in easy Understanding

After that

SEND AP or DM or OK to 454 on TIGO GHANA depending on the type of imei You are Tweaking
DIAL *179# on Vodafone &&
DIAL *909# on Airtel

For MTN Users don’t send MB to 151 more than 2 times because you will be block from the service when you send and do not get the bundle for the third time. Just wait for about 3 to 5 minutes after changing the imei and the bundle will come if it is not attached to a different SIM. If u receive this message Sorry your request to activate this device bundle was unsuccessful it means you are blocked from the service for that sim.

keep changing the imei when the bundle is already given and you gone be lucky

And always search on Google to know the various promotion phones and the bundle attach to them

Check on how to use the imei analyzer && Bulk imei Generator on 👉 Easy Way to Tweak imei

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