Making windows explorer and other applications like your media players, browsers etc. transparent to see your Desktop Background is awesome and kind of cool when with your friends ♥♥♥.
Just download Glass2k App 👉here👈 or search it on google and download
After downloading copy and place Glass2k in a folder you want before opening it
Apply the settings in the picture below to it.

Thus thick the Auto’s not the Beep cos it sucks with the ‘Beep’
And also change the Transparency Popup: Right Click from Enabled to +Alt or any of your choice in the drop down menu
Else the Transparency Menu will be Popping up anytime you right click.
Also change the keyboard shortcuts to +Alt in the drop down menu or any of your choice
You can also reduced the Taskbar transparency by dragging the blue colour to and fro
You can play around with the settings and save it depending on your choice.
Open any Software or Application and press Alt and Right Click together and the transparency Menu will popup and select the % of Transparency you want
Select No Glass Effect if you want it to be Opaque. Thus to remove the transparency
Or simply just click Alt and other numbers [0-9] example
0 + Alt = Opaque(No Transparency)
1 + Alt = 10% Transparent
9 + Alt = 90% Transparent
You can change the transparency of the files on the desktop too by pressing the Alt + any number of your choice [0-9] when on your Desktop

Don’t use the Numeric Keypad Use The One On The Main Typing Keypad

So far the only thing it can’t change its transparency is the TASK MANAGER that is my observation tho
And also make sure Glass2k is enable  in the task manager to start up when windows boot

A big Thanks to the developers for such a wonderful App
Check the pictures below and share with your Friends too


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