Download Airbucks Apk 👉 here 👈  or search on Google or Playstore and download the App
Sign Up with your Credentials
Select your Network Operator and Add Your Phone number
You Now good to take Surveys, Watch Videos, or Download Apps to get free airtime

If u click on any offer select the one with 20mb or more than 20mb
Because You will need 20mb before you can redeem your AIRTIME
For instance, if i select videos i will watch the video above 20mb so i can redeem my airtime and vice versa
But i like the surveys is simple and easy so i usually take the surveys tho.

After survey or video completion go back to the Airbucks HOME screen and
click on the 3 lines or icon on the left of the Home or simply swipe from left to right on the home screen
Your Profile details will appear Just scroll down and click on Redeem
Your Wallet Balance will appear, Click select voucher then 20
Then click on Redeem Your Points and wait for about 5-30mins for your transaction to be process


If you watch more videos or do more survey you won’t be awarded points to redeem take note.
What i usually do is i do an offer every morning when i wake up
Thus, either i watch a video or do a survey to get points every morning.
My Friend too do it every night when he is bout to sleep☻☻ is your choice

VODAFONE IS 1.2Ghs per 20mb redeem

AIRTEL is 1Ghs per 20mb Redeem

MTN and TIGO is 50p per 20mb Redeem

You can also Share Airbucks with Your Friends and be among the Ranking board to earn some monthly Prices
Also, You can logout Airbucks  and register or login with with different account

Watch the video Tutorials Below

You can also Join Our Telegram group where we share ideas


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